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dregad dregad master-2.24 2021-01-01 11:19:12 master-2.24 9c763ebe
Affected Issues  0027361: Private category can be access/used by a non member of a private project (IDOR)
 0027826: ERROR_CATEGORY_NOT_FOUND_FOR_PROJECT thrown for Category '0'

Fix "Category 0 not found" when reporting new issue

By definition, category "0" (no category) does not exist in any project,
but when empty category is allowed ($g_allow_no_category = ON),
category_exists_in_project() should return true.

Regression introduced by a4c4865b2102c2c0bfc53692499514db0b744dc9 in
issue 0027361.

Fixes 0027826

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