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0021141mantisbtwikipublic2021-01-17 04:38
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Summary0021141: Knowledge Base integration to Mantis

It has been mentioned in 0007075:0012857 that a wiki may become part of the Mantis 1.1 release, yet 10 years later we still have to put the hands into code to get some basic knowledge base into the system. Is their any wiki / KM integration on the list for future releases ?





2016-07-12 03:13

developer   ~0053571

It has been mentioned that a wiki may become part of the Mantis 1.1 release

I don't see such a note, I see just that Wiki integration should become part of the Mantis 1.1.



2016-07-12 21:13

reporter   ~0053582

A minimal knowledge management engine clinched within the system is the only thing which keep this software from being perfect. I am about to push mantisbt to our company and I am afraid that the broken dokuwiky authentication will become a block road => .
Thank you for the feedback.
Feel free to close the issue.



2016-07-13 12:21

developer   ~0053592

Did you try that the dokuwiki authentication is broken, or did you just trust what you read in forum?

I am no specialist for the Wiki integration, but I am asking as you can try the Wiki link on our page to see that it works.



2016-07-13 21:15

reporter   ~0053599

Hi atrol,
Yes I have installed and tested the authentication and I went to forum after I have found out that the authentication doesn't work and wiki integration document is out of date.
I have already noticed during the integration some redundant instructions, many parts of the integration document has already been integrated in the mantis code and other instructions doesn't fit in nowdays code layout.
After the integration failure I have started crawling web to see if anybody has the same issue and I found the same troubles described in this topic => where it is mentioned that the issue is cause by dokuwiki auth plugin.
The above topic is from 2014 and you see that the last wiki integration contribution is from 2012/12/01 12:26 ( there was one edition in 2015/02/13 23:11 but this was only for text formatting ).
Yes I see that the wiki works correctly on your website and I would appreciate if the guy who is in charge of maintenance could drop few guidelines.
My dokuwiki is 2016-06-26 "Elenor of Tsort" and I am using the MantisBT 1.3.0 and of course I can downgrade them both just for sake to get this work.
Can anybody format the links in the issue description? I have used the wiki markup tags and it apparently doesn't fit into mantis wysiwyg.